Council garage demand survey

Closed 25 Mar 2024

Opened 13 Feb 2024


We want to understand how many people are interested in renting the garages that we own across the borough of Melton.

Currently, some of our garages are unavailable to rent and are in need of repair. Your response will help us to judge how many people are interested in the garages, and which sites are most in demand, allowing us to carry out refurbishments where they are most needed.

By completing this survey you are not joining our waiting list to rent a garage. You will need to apply for one later, if they are available. 

Why your views matter

We are planning to invest money in our garages. This includes the ones that are in poor condition or currently derelict. We only want to do this if people are interested in renting them, which is why we are asking you for your opinion.

This is not a commitment to rent a garage or guarantee that you will get one, this survey will just allow us to judge how many people would be interested if they were available.

What happens next

When we know how many people are interested in each garage site, we will develop a plan to invest in the ones that people want. If people are not interested in a site we will consider the best option, which may include selling the site or demolition. 


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  • People who live in Melton


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