Vision 2036 consultation

Closed 12 Jan 2024

Opened 15 Dec 2023

Results expected 26 Jan 2024

Feedback expected 16 Feb 2024


The Council is developing a new Corporate Strategy, to replace our current strategy which runs until April 2024.

The Corporate Strategy sets out our visions and aspirations for the future. The document guides our focus and shapes what we deliver to our community.

In looking to the future, we are seeking to establish a longer-term vision, aligned to the current end date of our Local Plan, which is 2036.

We want to hear your views on our Draft Corporate Strategy Vision before the final version is considered by Cabinet and Council in February 2024.

We have developed 8 Corporate Strategy Vision Statements; these will shape the council’s strategic focus until 2036.

These vision statements are the foundation and deliberately broad, and will be underpinned by a 4 year Corporate Delivery Plan, including specific actions and resource requirements linked to the budget.

We welcome your feedback on them and whether you agree or disagree that they should be included.

Why your views matter

It is important for you to get involved so that you can have your say and help shape the future of the borough. Please take time to share your views and thoughts about the eight statements in this consultation and whether you think these are the areas the Council should focus on. 

What happens next

The survey results will help shape the final objectives which will be presented to Full Council for approval in February 2024.


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